BechScrap Says

BechScrap, a recycling based enterprise who are E-waste collectors and Srap materials pioneer on go green. Operating on an online platform, we facilitate and help households, organizations, institutions etc. sell their E-waste & other scrap/recyclables at the market value. BechScrap provides a variety of services & products based on the go green. With Recycling becoming an absolute necessity and compulsion to save the environment & it resources, BechScrap provides structured recycling services across single/multi-storied housing units, organizations and industries. We are creating awareness among about Reduce, Reuse & Recycling.

BechScrap Service
Make It Possible

Sell Scrap Online

Set your convenient time for selling scrap at BechScrap

Request Analyzation

The provided scrap in our app, We Analyse them and accept the request and call you for further procedure

Order Confrimation

After confirmation of the entire process we collect the scrap from your doorsteps.

Get Paid On Spot

Get instant pay for your scrap by cash at your door step only